Initial Session

30 minutes via phone/video call

Let's get to know each other and see what low hanging fruit we can address upfront. What do you want to accomplish in nutrition? What has held you back in the past? How do you see yourself being the most successful in the future?


$80/session which includes visit to your home or nearby cafe (within 30 minutes of 97214), 1 hour one-on-one coaching, and lengthy follow-up email the next day to summarize and extrapolate on the coaching topics.

$195/month recurring for 2 sessions in person and 2 sessions via Skype

My strengths are in nutrition coaching, grocery store tours, pantry overhauls, and cooking help. We will meet about every two weeks in your home or a quiet space where we can talk privately without interruption. My Precision Nutrition certification has taught me how to guide life changes compassionately and to make intuitive adjustments for each person. 

I can provide a detailed invoice for each session so you can easily submit to insurance.

Ongoing Coaching

Small Group Courses

$20/person/hour, 4 people minimum. Select 4, 8, or 12 week session package.

Do you thrive on accountability? This is perfect for small businesses or groups of friends who want valuable social support in tackling a healthier lifestyle. In every small group class, I will present on a nutritional topic, provide time for Q&A, then work with the group members to set their own health and nutrition goals. Subsequent sessions will follow up on these goals, providing accountability and group support in your achievements! 

I bring everything to you! I am happy to meet in your office conference room, a local grocery store seating area, or sitting comfortably around your living room.

Coworkers: Do you want to set up a simple, 4 week plan for you and your coworkers to develop healthy habits? Host a small group nutrition course during your regular lunch hour.

Gym Buddies: Abs are indeed built in the kitchen. Give supplemental support to your physical goals with nutrition education. Track body fat percentage, water intake, intermittent fasting, and more. Improving your health and wellness is easier in a group setting!

Friends: Do you and your friends want help structuring a transformation contest?You know each other best so you keep each other on track better than anyone else. Get valuable social support to tackle healthier living together.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Introduction, SMART Goals, and Accountability 
  • Energy Metabolism in the Body
  • Macronutrients - Protein
  • Macronutrients - Fats
  • Macronutrients - Carbohydrates
  • Micronutrients - Vitamins & Minerals
  • Water and Fluid Balance
  • Designing Meal Plans
  • Mindful Eating
  • Sleep & Recovery
  • Fitting in Social Drinking
  • Eating on a Budget
  • Eating on the Run
  • Portion Sizing

Get $50 credit on any service! This credit is valid as soon as the referral client is active for 1 month.


To cancel or reschedule an appointment, please call or text me at my phone number below. I understand that other obligations can suddenly come up and schedules get hectic. However, both my time and your time is valuable and I want to make the most of your nutrition plan. Therefore, a standard 24-hour notice is required to cancel or reschedule a session. If you cancel within 24 hours of our scheduled time, you will be charged the full session rate. 

Cancellation Policy