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I am a nutrition coach in Portland, OR focusing on sustainable, long term changes. I address diet and nutrition, exercise, stress management and sleep behaviors, social support and environment impacts. With me as your coach, you will implement new behaviors that stick for the long term. No two people are the same. I use motivational interviewing and outcome-based decision making to ensure we are making realistic goals and motivating achievements. I believe that people need to make nutritionally and financially sound food choices for themselves and their families. I am here to help guide that success. 

I understand that people choose their overall diet based on ethics, lifestyle, or simply just personal choice. If you have diet recommendations from a medical doctor, I will help you navigate new food choices for diabetes, hypertension, gluten intolerance, and more. Regardless of the specific diet type, I support the nutrition that you choose for yourself and will guide you to be the best you can be.

I'm not just going to tell you what to do, then try to convince you to do it by telling you all of the horrible things that will happen if you don't. How often does that strategy work with you? Instead I will listen with empathy, answer your questions, and be nonjudgmental and respectful. 

My practice is not just about food choices. There are many other lifestyle changes that might help you, such as:

  • Enjoying a daily meal with family or friends
  • Learning to listen to your hunger cues
  • Identifying early the emotional stresses
  • Using a food journal uncover eating patterns
  • Maintaining your new nutrition plan alongside your family and work commitments

I love seeing a client implement a change and then experience the positive results both physically and mentally. I believe that change is possible for anyone who has the desire to do so.

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