Hello! I'm Krysti Adamich. I am a certified nutrition coach based in Portland, OR. 

I currently hold Pn1 certification in Precision Nutrition and personal trainer certification from the American Council on Exercise. I have autoimmune disorders myself (Celiac and Hashimoto's), so I have a special place in my heart for people using nutrition and diet to affect their well-being. I also work as a freelance nutrition writer, typically on topics around gut health and food sensitivities/allergies.

Nutrition has always been at the forefront of my personal goals. I read and research daily on how the human body and mind work for all demographics. I am a long time self-quantifier and experiment with different nutrition options often.For years I've been creating meal plans for myself and others as well as learning about behavior change, willpower, and self quantification. I am now applying all of this knowledge to a nutrition practice to help others more in depth!